June 24, 2016


The way we are…

When you come to Calvary you will notice people come from all walks of life. We have people who like to dress up a little, and those who are comfortable wearing shorts and a t-shirt. We have older people and younger people. We have people with different skin colors. We have people from different countries. We have people who are solid, and we have people who are struggling. We have people who have known the Lord for years, and people who have not yet met Him. We have people.

We begin our time with a time of worship. We use a band on Sunday mornings and an acoustic guitar on Wednesday nights. We bring the lights down to give everyone a chance to focus on God rather than their neighbor.

After worship we open our bibles and study God’s word. We teach through the bible… chapter by chapter… and verse by verse. We believe this gives us a well rounded approach to sharing God’s truth.

Following our study, we have another short time of worship and response. During this time, we invite people to come forward for prayer and communion is always available.