October 25, 2012

About Us

Calvary Christian Fellowship started in 2005 in the living room of Paul and Amy Hammontree’s house. While living in California, the Lord gave the Hammontree’s a heart to move to Baton Rouge and plant a church that had a style of being REAL, RELATIONAL, and RESPONSIVE.
These 3 words best describe the vision of ministry at calvary. First, since God is the only REAL truth in the universe, we want to present Him as He REALLY is. We do this by teaching the Bible. We don’t teach FROM the Bible… we actually teach the Bible. Just as the apostle Paul charged the young pastor Timothy, we teach through the Bible book by book, chapter by chapter, and verse by verse. If you hang out with us long enough, you will study through EVERY VERSE of the Bible! We also desire to be REAL with each other. If you are a person that loves wearing suits and ties, we invite you to come to church wearing that. Also, if you are a person that loves wearing shorts and sandals, we invite you to come to church like that. But not only do we strive to be real in the way that we dress, more importantly we want to be REAL about who we are. If you are struggling with sin, we don’t want you to come to church and pretend. We know that you will find the people of calvary to be loving and kind and willing to love you through whatever your struggle may be.
Secondly, we desire to be RELATIONAL with God and with each other. We don’t believe in religion at calvary. We believe that we are all called to have a real personal relationship with the Lord. Religion usually gets in the way of that relationship. So we purposefully avoid the pomp and circumstance that many churches embrace. We don’t see our style as being better than other churches… just different. We believe that a church style is much like ice cream. Most people love ice cream, but not everyone likes the same flavor. In the same way, all Christians should love church, but not necessarily the same flavor. We also believe it is crucial to be RELATIONAL with each other. We do this by encouraging community through activities surrounding our church services as well as attempting to connect everyone in the fellowship with a friend that they feel comfortable with. We don’t force relationships with others, but we do all we can to encourage them.
Third, we desire to be RESPONSIVE to God’s word. James put it real well when he said that we shouldn’t just be readers of the word of God, but doers. That is our desire at calvary. We love to study the bible, but if we never act on what we study, it will be a waste of time.That’s us in a nutshell. To find out more, give a listen to some of the teachings found in the resource section of the website. Or, check us out on Facebook.

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